2017 Open Water and Training


Summer dive season is here!  We are spending the summer training and diving, diving and training. Sound like FUN?  You bet it does.


Open Water Training



Basic Open Water Certification Dives: $399  

Advanced Open Water Dives: $499 (six dives over two days)


Once you finish your confined water training and classroom sessions, you need to do four open water dives to complete your certification. Locally, you can opt to do these over the course of two days at Dutch Springs, a lake and dive training center located in Bethlehem, PA (about 2 hours from Stamford, or an hour and a half from New York City).  For other certificaitoion dive options see the Blue Water Destinations information below.


Dutch Springs is a great way to get certified locally in conditions that are favorable to new divers. With no currents, platforms suspended at 25 feet and a bunch of fun "stuff" sunk on the bottom (boats, fire truck, school bus, chinook helicopter, Sesna plane and lots more), you can go on your first underwater adventure!


New attraction: Challenger jet!


We have scheduled weekends throughout the season as designated for these training dives, with additional weekends scheduled as needed. 


2019 Open Water Weekend Schedule:


June 22 and 23 - Tom





To register for any of the above dives, please call us at (203) 883-1235 or (212) 729-4646, option 1.



Open Water Training at Blue Water Destinations with Oceanblue


We've run more than 60 trips to various destinations throughout the Caribbean and across the world, and have established relationships with dive operators at many destinations.


For those who would like to conduct their open water dives in blue water on a trip, please see the events page on our dive club website, oceanbluedivers.com, where you will find all our current travel options. 


Open water dives may be done on any of our blue water trips.  There is always an instructor trip leader on every trip we do, so if your preference is to do your dives in warmer water, come dive the adventure with us!  To get more information about any of our travel options, please call us at (203) 883-1235

    Additional Dutch Springs Information


    The park opens at 8:00am, although it is advisable to get there in advance of opening to ensure entry at the time of opening. Entry tickets can be purchased in advance on their website. Entry is $40 per day for divers, $10 for adult non-divers.  It may be advisable to stay out there for two nights (Friday and Saturday) in order to make it easier to get to the park for opening.




    There are a number of area hotels around Bethlehem, and you can generally find good information about them on TripAdvisor.com


    The closest hotel to Dutch Springs is The View Inn and Suites (formerly a Comfort Inn) about 5 minutes drive from the lake. It fills up in advance, so book early!  Mention that you are coming to dive at Dutch Springs and they will give you a discount.

    For lots more information, please click to download our guide to open water weekends at Dutch:

    Dutch Springs "Know Before You Go" Guide 



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