The perfect gift for someone you love who loves diving.

If there's a diver in your life, you know they're always trying to figure out what piece of dive gear to get next, or where they're going for that next set of dives. Maybe they've been saving up for a regulator or a dive computer, or just need a tether coil for their underwater camera so they don't lose it. Maybe their current wetsuit just has too many dives on it and needs replacing, or they're heading to cooler waters and need a warmer one, or even a drysuit. Or just maybe they want to join us on one of our awesome group dive trips to Dive The Adventure with us, or are planning one of their own with our travel experts. With so many options, most times it's just best to let them choose for themselves, because divers tend to be pretty particular about all this stuff. Our online gift card lets your diver control their own dive destiny, while allowing you help ease them on their way.  


It can also be used for new divers to get trained, so if you're looking to help create yourself a dive buddy or just fuel someone's passions for the oceans, the gift card is a great way to do it.


Fill out the form at the right, and you can give from $25 up to $1,000 to a diver you love so they can feed that dive gear or dive travel need, and it's good for one year after purchase date. And with trusted payment gateway Paypal, you don't have a Paypal account you can use any major credit card to settle up.  


Give the gift of diving. If you do, that diver you love who loves you is sure to love you even more.


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