Dutch Springs - Know Berfore You Go

Dutch Springs is a quarry in Eastern Pennsylvania right outside of Bethlehem. It is just over two hours driving from our Stamford location (without traffic).  It is a spring-fed lake that used to be a cement quarry.  It has been operating since the early 80s as a dive traning center. For a full history of Dutch Springs click here.

Why we love Dutch Springs (lovingly referred to as the "Quar-ibbean")

Dutch Springs is the largest dive training center in the northeast. On any given weekend during dive season, there are dozens of dive stores conducting training dives and a multitude of others who go there to dive, test out equipment, and more.

Here are some of the main reasons why we use Dutch to do our open water and other training dives:

  • Ammenities: Dutch Springs is ideally set up for dive training. It has numerous platforms that are suspended at 25 feet below the surface to give a secure and solid bottom for performing skills, and lots of fun "stuff" to see that has been sunk to make diving there fun. Some of the underwater sights include several boats, a trolley car, a school bus, an oil tanker, a helicopter, a Cessna plane, and new in 2016, a small, corporate-style jet. There are also tank rentals, food concessions, camping, hot showers, and lots more.

  • Controlled environment: Because Dutch Springs is a lake, it is a more controlled environment than the open ocean in the northeast, which can have very limited visibility and strong currents. While diving in the ocean in the northeast can be fun and exciting, as an intermediate step, Dutch Springs is well suited as a bridge between northeast open ocean diving and confined water (pool) training.

  • Our number 1 priority, safetyAs the largest dive training center in the northeast, Dutch Springs is set up with safety in mind to the highest standards.  There are personnel stationed all around the lake observing all activities, which keeps the level of safety as high as possible. They are vigilant and have a very strong and well-established safety record.

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